FREE CLASS: November 15th at 12pm CT

Watch online from anywhere in the world (or catch the replay).

Shed stress and shame. 

Build strength and confidence.

An introduction to The BARE™ Process.

A free class for coaches, counselors, educators, mental and physical health professionals, and anyone who’s interested in helping women and girls with weight, body image, disordered eating, and self-esteem issues.

Led by Susan Hyatt, Founder of BARE™, Author, and Master Certified Life Coach.

It’s been reported that 97% of women have at least one “intensely negative thought” about their bodies every single day. 

This is not OK. 

This is a crisis. A mental health epidemic. Women everywhere—all ages, all sizes, from all walks of life—are locked in a pattern of self-criticism and poor self-esteem.

Imagine what would happen if we could just… stop. 

Imagine if we could look at our bodies and feel loving thoughts, not hateful thoughts. 

Imagine if we could pass this positivity along to our daughters and their daughters, too. 

The entire world would change.

If you want to create that kind of change in your own life—and for your clients, too—then please join me for a free 60-minute class called GOING BARE.

This class includes...

An introduction to The BARE™ Process—a trademarked method for changing your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about your body, building healthier habits, and building more confidence and self-esteem regardless of your current size.

3 tools that you can use immediately—and teach to your clients—to reduce stress levels, strengthen body image, and silence those self-critical inner voices. 

Powerful stories about why we must join together to stop the pattern of body-hatred that has plagued women for thousands of years. 

An invitation to become a Certified BARE™ Coach—if that’s something you want to pursue. If you enroll, you’ll receive specialized training so you can incorporate BARE™ principles into your coaching, consulting, education and training work, and any health, wellness, and women’s empowerment programs that you lead. Becoming a Certified BARE™ Coach is a beautiful credential to add to your toolkit, especially if you specialize in working with women and girls.

At the end of this class, we’ll have… Prizes! Inspiring books, BARE™ card decks, and other goodies will get doled out to whoever’s watching. (You must be present in order to win a prize—so please stay until the very end of the class!)

This class is totally free. Bring yourself. Bring your colleagues and teammates. Bring your daughter or niece.

See you there!

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